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Best seven books to check out in 2018 for Machine/Deep Learning and Medical Image Computing

Whether you are teacher, student, computer scientist, or proficient machine learning programmer, there are many times where having a solid reference library on the topic can save you a lot of time and help you to prepare material for your next … Continue reading

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New findings in automated GBM volumetry, extent of resection and residual tumor

Discover our new findings on automated volumetry for extent-of-resection and residual-tumor for GBM patients. Journal of NeuroSurgery Meier et al. 2016.  

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Porz et al. PlosOne2016 – Fully Automated Enhanced Tumor Compartmentalization: Man vs. Machine Reloaded

New findings in #BrainTumors volumetry. BraTumIA @unibern @inselgruppe and @BrainLab SmartBrush. Multiple experts

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Introducing FASTER – Fully automated stroke tissue estimation using random forest classifiers

New developments in stroke tissue estimation. Introducing FASTER – Fully Automated Stroke Tissue Estimation using Random forest classifiers. McKinley et al. JCBFM 2016    

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Miccai award

Highly grateful for recognition @miccai2016 Collaborative effort @unibern @inselgruppe Stefan Bauer Young Scientist Publication Impact Award

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Brain Lesions Workshop Miccai 2016

Interested in advances in Glioma, MS, Stroke, and trauma brain injuries? The Brain Lesions Miccai Workshop is happening again this year!

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Featured IEEE TMI Article – Brain Tumor Segmentation (BRATS)

Happy to share our IEEE TMI featured article on Brain Tumor Segmentation Challenge (BRATS) Many thanks to all contributors!

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BME Day of the Univ. Bern – May 29th

From bits to heartbeats! Join us next May 29th at the 7th BME Day of the @unibern  

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World Cancer Day 2015

Engineers and clinicians fighting brain tumours at the ISTB & Inselspital Hospital of the @unibern, #WorldCancerDay 2015, February 4  

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Brain Tumor Segmentation, Summary Paper Miccai Challenges 2012 and 2013

Learn about the findings and lessons learned from the Miccai Challenges 2012&2013 for Brain Tumor Segmentation (BRATS):  

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